Sunday, May 8, 2011

Random thoughts as I Drift

Hmmm, here we go folks. This is my new blog where I get to yak at you all. This has been in production for about the last month thanks to my friend and new fishing buddy Michael McAuliff of  He produces videos and makes websites upon request for a fee (my blood) and he is also a fly fishing guide here in New Jersey. Thanks for all the help Michael.
I have become a Drifter of sorts as of late. I have traveled to the west coast and back to the east coast. Returning to the east coast has been interesting to say the least. I got back here just in time for the fly tying symposium here in New Jersey  which was so nice to go to after being away for five years. I met and talked with some of my fly fishing heroes and some other crazy fly tiers I have talked to along the way.
As I drift along here I will tell you some of my fishing adventures, I will be reporting on places I go. I have already hit the salmon river in upstate NY and hooked one nice steelhead on the swing. I didn't land her but got her on the swing.
I did see some funny stuff going on up there like five guys nymphing in one tail out (or was that really snagging?). I mean it doesn't take jerking the rod over your head to set the hook! The other funny thing is all the people who stand by the Altmar bridge where the fish come to rest and then they yank them out of the river and call that fishing. People come up with a fish that looks like an old leather boot and think they have been out fishing. I guess each to your own and I will just keep Drifting down river to find a fish that takes a fly on the swing.
Speaking of swinging a fly there is some weird practice of using a sink tip and adding spilt shot to your leader. Yeah out west they call that lining the fish and it is really just another form of snagging fish. If you are going to say you caught one on the swing you best be swinging the fly not dragging it through their mouths and yanking back.You haven't really gotten the fish to take your fly that way and that is the challenge of swinging a fly! It really isn't about how many you catch. If you want to catch more fish just nymph it is more effective then swinging flys and there is nothing wrong with nymphing! It is up to you how you fish but if you really want to call yourself a fisherman do it fair chase and hook one don't snag them there is a difference you KNOW!
 Any way enough of my beating  up on the poor lowly snaggers for now. I returned home to the middle of the winter and it was wet and cold and nasty here and the fishing was not easy. One day would be nice the next would rain. I swear my friend from has a curse on him from mother nature or something because without fail it would rain every time he had a day off or the river was blown from it raining. I kept telling him you have to make her think you are happy it is raining and she might stop . No such luck. I think I will make him do the happy happy joy joy song the next time it rains
I have also gotten some spey casting time in on the mighty Delaware river but it has been very high due to the rain we have been having and the shad are in. Hopefully I will be able to hit the run before it is too late and they start dying.  If not the mighty striped bass and walley and small mouth will be on my attack list at some point this summer! I'm thinking they should be fun to catch on the swing till I can drift back out west to chase Steelhead again!Until then enjoy the tune