Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The soul of fishing and hunting

Well it has been some time since I posted. I'm looking to address some issues that have been going on. Having had to move back to the east coast has been trying in the least. finding a good job has been very hard these days. Working has taken up a lot of my time. So fishing has taken a back seat.
I have however gotten out there. My view of the fly fishing world has certainly changed over the past few years.

I have lived out west and seen some very interesting things. For me fly fishing isn't about catching numbers of fish it is about finding a piece of mind. I love to catch fish don't get me wrong. Working as much as I have been the last three years and not getting ahead has been very trying to say the least. So when I do get to fish I'm hunting for large fish and not numbers. The fact that I am out fishing in the outdoors and seeing the beauty of the landscape and getting away for a few hours has become priceless.

Even when I don't catch a fish I at least have some time to myself to enjoy not working.  The past few weeks I have been doing what I can to set up to be able to bow hunt. This has been a trying ordeal to say the least. Setting up trees stands ,cameras and trying to maintain a 30 acre  piece of property. there is little joy in busting your ass to try to get this stuff done just to be able to hunt for a few days in the bow season.

Why do it you ask? Well again it is for that time sitting in a tree stand being alone with nothing to worry about but a nice large buck to walk by. This is no easy thing to do to get a large white tale with a bow. It is the same with Spey casting for Steelhead. The fish of a thousand casts. Finding and hunting a 150 class+  white tail is no easy task. It takes countless hours of planning, sitting, and work.

I ask you what is it that makes you hunt or fish? Is it the number of fish you catch? Is that what makes you a big man, Or the number of deer you kill? It shouldn't be about that ,and it isn't for me. Sure sometimes I hunt for meat or for fish for it. I like to eat to. My point here is that you really have to look at why you actually do this. I have spent countless hours learning to tie flies ,countless hours shooting my bow to become the best shot I can. I do it all just to get away and be out there weather I catch fish or kill a deer. There are a few other matters I need to address as to my attitude toward some of what I have been seeing go on in the fly fishing and hunting world but we will save that for my next post . Till next time I will be keeping a buzzards eye view on you all.