Monday, April 23, 2012

Communism in Fly Fishing Oh hell NO!

Ok before you read this let me just say that this is my personal opinion! In no way does this reflect the views of any sponsors or other blogs I'm involved with on here! I'm usually not political in Nature here I hope this to be the last time.I have said my piece on this on facebook  I have my reasons.If I lose sponsors or "friends" because I voiced my Opinion, then I wanted nothing to do with you in the first place and I'm glad your gone!  

Lately I have seen something that bothers me. I'm not here to bitch about it; I want to say something about it. The growing trend toward Communism in this country and the use of its symbolism. Now I get having an edge or cornering something to make a few bucks. Yet people seem to have forgotten history like it flew out the window.

We all know Communism doesn’t work and Socialism is a far cry from being the right idea! Let me say that Capitalism isn't the greatest idea but it works better than the other two! This has been proven over time to a degree.

I have been watching the government try to pass laws to take away rights! Your right to be a small farmer and sell produce is being threatened; your right to bear arms and protect yourself is being threatened. Women's rights are being threatened all the time. I for one am sick of it! When was the last time they came up with something that gave us more rights? Do I have you thinking now ?

Communism and the use of it's symbols is no laughing matter. It is a form of Government that doesn't allow you to have rights like the freedom of religion, or the freedom of free speech! The right to bear arms and protect your family! You are told what you will and wont do! Some of these things are basic rights in this country being threatened by people in our own Government. It is only natural for the Government to try to do this.If you havent read Animal farm please do! It explains alot of what is happening today and it applies to our past history. Have you ever heard history repeats itself? 

That brings me to a certain blog that has cornered a bit of the fiberglass fly rod market. I'm sorry I'm going to have to be blunt here about this. I will probably be shunned by the fiberglass geeks for attacking their hero. I love to fish fiberglass by the way, and I'm way into Old school fly fishing. I'm speaking of the Fiberglass Manifesto. The word manifesto is someone’s creed or religious belief. So the name is super catchy. So this little blog has brought about fiberglass rejuvenation so to speak. I am way cool with that as I grew up fishing glass.

The owner of this blog may be showing his true colors with this new Comrade shirt. This has upset me more then I can say. Mostly because I liked his old shirts. I no longer want to wear any of them because I don't want to support a communist. He contacted me saying I don't know him .As far as I'm concerned I don't need to know him when he has a red fist and a shirt and stickers saying comrade on them! His new “comrade” shirt is highly offensive to me and many others I have spoken too. Communism is no laughing matter and the fact that someone would even have the audacity to come up with a shirt like this makes me sick!'

We have come to a point in this country where the working man is being pushed out for machines; our hands are no longer worth anything. When we do make things here by hand now we charge an arm and a leg anymore. That is the problem here in America, it is called greed! Not Capitalism! What is happening in our Government today is an outrage.
Jobs all the way down to fly tying have been outsourced to China and Malaysia. Some like to think this is how Capitalism is supposed to work. The only one getting rich is the head of the company. Some may pay the tiers a small fee for their creations but in the end it is the owner of the company getting rich using slave labor in communist run countries. That my friend is communism!

Has America lost its soul, I think so! Our soul was sold out the door to foreign countries. I buy as much as I can in fly fishing that is made here,'or that has Americans running the company and supporting some workers here. Face it this country is reliant on outsourcing I know that won't change. There are some real American companies out there who are doing it for the love of doing it! One fly reel company here makes the reels using his brain. They don't mass produce and they are selling a product worth its price, almost cheaper then what they are truly worth .What they are making is a life time investment for you to fish with and it is made by an American! I’m not going to mention the company name here because am blasting someone on here and I don't want them to be associated with my blasting the Fiber glass manifesto! I can't say that I don't support companies that outsource to make a living here because I do! It is almost unavoidable. Being a working class Joe my budget only allows me one or two goodies a year. Fly fishing isn't cheap!

I still want to say how dare you make a communist shirt though! I mean to walk around with a shirt designed after the fist, I mean why not just put the hammer and sickle on your shirt and be done with. ???? I got into it with this blog owner over a company from the states charging way too much for a mass produced "custom” rod.He said to me well you being " American as you are I thought you would undersatnd " Again the amount we charge for some things here is insane anymore. It is like let me steal your money from you but you can have this product for a mere 600 bucks. These rods don’t cost the company more then 50 to 75 dollars to produce! I understand over head and the cost of living ,but ripping people off is a whole other matter of greed.

So where do you stand in a matter like this?  I do know this as an American I will no longer support that blog or its owner!

I say the shirt  is a copy of this symbol above click the link and tell me if it looks familiar!  I IN NO WAY DO I SUPPORT COMMUNISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe I seem like I'm ranting about something small to you. This is how they get support by giving you under handed little things like a shirt with a fist on it.When I grew up we were taught to believe the red the white and the blue were not evil. There was a concept behind it the Red for the bloodshed and the valor, the White for purity ,and the Blue for honor and justice ,the Stars for the states.

This is how much I believe in my flag and my country. I have a demon tattooed on my forearm grasping our flag. It is my idea of our government stealing my country! If you haven't heard of the dumb- ing down of America yet well by wearing this “comrade " shirt you are part of the dumber side as far as I'm concerned . 

So if you want to wear that shirt know I'm not your friend and nor will I associate with you! You may think hey I'm going to stand up for Cameron and wear his shirt because his blog is cool. You have that right but know to me you are a communist supporter. That might sound corny because it is just fly fishing but if you’re a real American you won’t walk around with a shirt like that! Don’t lose your country and soul ,and fight for your rights because soon if things stay on the track they are I won’t have the right to speak my mind without being jailed or the right to practice a religion Of my choice whether you agree with it or not! In this country you have the right to worship peaches if you want to! So think about your freedom and your rights and don't support anything remotely communist! As for the people who delete me ,or are pissed at me because I'm standing up for what I believe good riddance to you! Hopefully I have exposed the wolf so he doesn't pull the wool over any other sheep's eyes!